I am called Turtle, or Turtleolight, or most of the day simply Adam. When I asked the GameAgeddon community to write about what gaming meant to them I didn't realize how hard it would be for me to put it down on paper. I will attempt to convey what I feel about gaming.

Gaming is more than an escape; you can get that from anything from reading a book to inducing it thought chemicals. Gaming allows you to have experiences, to make friends, to meet people that you otherwise wouldn’t. Gaming is a creative outlet; it is a input of new ideas or concepts. But that is all things you can define gaming as no matter who you are.

Gaming can invigorate, inspire, enrich and empower.

To me gaming is an augment to life, a way to make your life better if only for a little while. It is a gateway to allowing people like you in, and making lasting connections that span distances and lifestyles, income brackets and class lines. People that you normally wouldn't talk to can be your best friend and you can even make lasting relationship beyond just friends. Gaming is a way of life for most gamers, and for some it is life.

I feel that gaming can heal wounds, can lift spirits, can change you from who you were to who you want to be. Gaming can invigorate, inspire, enrich and empower. Gaming can inform and teach, we can take from it the skills that many gamers lack going into gaming and use them in our lives outside of gaming. Gaming isn't a diversion, it is convergence of art and knowledge, social growth and exploration of the human condition. To me gaming is the future of a good portion of humanity. It won't be called gaming, it won't be like the games we have now, but it will be how humans evolve and interact.

Like many others, gaming has helped me with social anxiety, depression, and rough times. It has helped me deal with situations that I don't know if I could have otherwise and the connections that I have made has last thought years and distance that many other connections haven't. Gaming is my escape but also more.

As I grow older I see how gaming has shaped and affected me and I see the people that I have met thought gaming and seen how they have grown and I see people that I want to know how it will continue to shape them and how they will grow moving forward.