Hi, My name is Wartornplace (War-TORN-place), you won't believe how many times I have been called Warton… Off track… So we here in the GameAgeddon community were given homework. I despise homework and I proceeded to deal with it as I deal with regular homework: wait until the last few seconds. So here we go, “The Meaning of Gaming to you(me)”. Damn you Professor Turtle for making me think about this.

It's not just the story of the game itself, sometimes it's the story you create on your own just from playing the game.

When I play a game I am either there for the story or the cooperative aspects. Why the story is important to me is pretty basic, I am a fledgling writer myself and enjoy playing a game with a vivid storyline. A game’s story is one of the first things that can spark the muse of anyone person. To make art in any form and that's the power of how a game can be a “Visual Novel” (no, not like a dating simulator). It's not just the story of the game itself, sometimes it's the story you create on your own just from playing the game. For example games like RimWorld, Factorio, or Oxygen Not included where the story of the unnamed characters are formed by your abilities to assist and help them cope with surprise problems that you don’t foresee. And sometimes you don’t cope and end up dead, that specific narrative might die but a new one is formed as you begin again.

Then there is the cooperation. Playing a game where you're a “small” player among a thousand other “small” players and the actions you take effect even a small portion of those players is amazing to me. For example, every few days (or when I have nothing else to stream) I play a game called Squad. It’s a hyper realistic (still in alpha for over two years) military simulator game basically 40-50 vs 40-50 players split into squads of nine people. So you can already tell that cooperation and communication are key. To me, that's what gaming is all about; having someone's back as they have yours. Sometimes communications break down and you might hear me tearing a new one into another squad leader or yelling some obscenities at some idiot in local chat. But the moments when everything is crystal clear, where everyone works together to accomplish a goal really makes the game not just fun, (prepare for a call back here) but help to create it into a narrative to be told hundreds of times over to new players, other people who don't have the game, and really anyone in chat at the time.

Basically you can sum everything I have said into one phrase: Gaming is the collection of narratives and characters played by individuals to create a dialogue and meaning to actions taken.