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New Game

Posted by Nejana on 18 May 2017

I got a new game up for you guys; it's called Poke Puzzle. Special thanks to Myubi for creating it and she also helped me get the image to randomize!

New Trainers - Everyone please welcome Haylee and Mosur!

The Kanto Pokedex Knowledge will be back up once I fix all of the pages for it.

Just a small update

Posted by Nejana on 11 May 2017

Haven't done this in a bit so just going to welcome all new members at once. Everyone please welcome: Bree, Christine, Junee, Mariko, Mio and Netbug!!

All decks from the "Other Decks" section have been remade. I have also increased the number of valentines decks and all of the anniversary decks are up. These will be in the randomizer soon.

Another Freebie coming to the forum soon so keep an eye out!!

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