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Posted by Nejana on 12 Apr 2017

I have been redoing decks and came across the Alolan Pokemon and I'm wondering how we should handle these. There is a topic on forum where you guys may vote on what you think. As for now, I will skip Pokemon that have an Alolan variant until we reach a decision.

I am redoing the Dex images you see at the top of each Pokemon page since we are no longer using the items for masteries.

I took away the comments on the updates as I was starting to get hack messages on other pages. I removed all the spam people from the forum, though it didn't delete their posts so I have gone through and manually removed all of those posts. I apologize to anyone that had to experience those posts.

Update Freebies will be on the forum. You can still grab freebies from the last post.

Coming Along

Posted by Nejana on 07 Apr 2017

The first 12 Pokemon are done and up on the site. Once I get more made, I will be increasing the amount of decks to 5 released for each starter and 3 released for all others.

I also released 4 other decks under the title "Generation One". These are the game images for the first four pokemon games.

Freebies for this post will be handled on the forums. See you there!!

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