Posted by Nejana on 14 Sep 2016

Hey guys. I'm sorry for my disappearance. I have been in and out of sickness and not sure what the cause of it is. I hope you guys are still playing games and enjoying things. I will get a big update once I am able to focus more on tcgs.

You guys may all take a choice starter, choice stage 1 and choice stage 2 card. Please comment with what you grab.

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Games are changing.

Posted by Nejana on 25 Jul 2016

So, I have been working on updating the way the games work on the site. The regions are going to be combined into the "Pokemon World" games section, but you will still be required to have a Starter Pokemon to move into this region. There will still be the separate games for the Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Champions for each region. The Gym Leader games are held on the forum but there will be website games for Elite 4 and Champions.

As a result of this change, you'll be able to get to the higher pokedex pokemon sooner. I will still be releasing them over time and I will be going in order of National Pokedex.

By doing this, I would also like to have events where you guys can obtain Legendary Pokemon. Let me know what kinds of events you guys would like to see for them. If you comment, you can grab a Legendary Pokemon card of choice.

The new forums seem to be doing much better than the old one and I am liking how it is turning out. Please be sure that you've signed up on the new forums so you can participate in the games.

Once I have finished getting the Johto Pokemon up, I will be getting the Safari up.

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