Site Updates

Posted by Nejana on 15 Jul 2017

Just wanting to let everyone know of some updates that I have done to the site.

Cards page - Fillers have been updated as well as the two images used to click on to the two separate categories.
Pokemon Center - I was aiming to make this page less cluttered and I believe I did it. Once available, the Safari and Z Exchange will also be a similar format to this.

I have also updated the randomizer page and caught all reward pages up to date with all current decks. Other pages will soon follow to help make the overall look less cluttered and more organized.

Splash into Summer

Posted by Nejana on 30 Jun 2017

New Trainers: Everyone please welcome Haylee, Mosur, sarie, and Zaya!

Our very first Limited Edition event is now live. You will have until August 5th to finish this event and then this deck will no longer be able to be collected. I hope you guys enjoy it.

As for deck updates - I added some new ones in regards to Magjikarp Jump. I have more Pokemon ones done and I will update you guys once I finish slicing and renaming. Some are already up I just need to get them added to the randomizer.

Coming Soon!

Posted by Nejana on 15 Jun 2017

We have a new deck type coming soon. These will be limited edition decks. There will be an event for each one and it will run for a limited time. After the time frame is up, it will no longer become possible to master these decks, even with abilities that let you receive retired cards.

How it will work:
Each one may be different in how it is run, but will consist of 9 steps. Each step will award you one piece of the deck.

There will be a separate reward for mastering these decks so you will not be using the Pokemon Center rewards for it.

Time Frame:
Each event will last only a month, but all 9 pieces will be available from the start of the month.

The First Event:
I am planning on starting this event right at the beginning of July, so keep an eye out!!

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