Elite Trainer Information

Welcome to Elite Trainer; a TCG that is all about Pokemon. This TCG will mainly be focused on Pokemon collection and becoming a great Pokemon Trainer.

What is a TCG?

TCG stands for Trading Card Game. Unlike games like Magic, this kind of TCG does not have you battling with the cards. Instead, you'll be playing games and earning cards. You can then save the cards for your collection, or you can trade with other members to help you master decks. Thanks to Calico for creating the very first TCG, TCGs have grown to encompass many different topics and styles.

Displaying your Collection

In order to display your collection, you will need a webpage that is able to be viewed by the public. This means no private pages like facebook. It is best to sort your cards into collecting, keeping, and trading. This will let others know what you want and what you are willing to trade in order to get it. You will also need to keep detailed logs showing how you got every card.

More Information

There is much information to note here on Elite Trainer. I have broken everything down into different pages so that you can view each one. Please let me know if I have forgotten anything.

About the Cards
Items and Deck Mastery
Rules Regarding the Games