Pokemon Center

Here you can obtain rewards for trade cards, masteries, leveling up, exchange duplicates, and exchange coupons.

Deck Mastery Rewards

Pokemon (Non Legendary/Mega/Primal) - Please make sure you also have the appropriate pokeball.
Other - Trainers, Gym Leaders, and Other Decks (For Trainers, please make sure to take 100 pokecoins for each mastery.)
Elite - Elite 4 Decks
Champion/Lendary - For Champions and also Legendary, Mega, and Primal Pokemon (Make sure you have master balls for these.)
You will need to refresh for multiple masteries of the same type.

(deckname) Captured: mankey02_01, croconaw01_07, flareon01_03

(deckname) Defeated/Mastered: pichu01_06, nidoqueen02_04, mj-nugget_06

(deckname) Defeated: 20thanniversarykeldeo_01, 20thlogoproducts_01, seaking02_01

(deckname) Defeated/Captured: championblue_03, articuno02_04, crobat01_03

Trade Card and Level Ups

Trade Card - Every 6 Trades you complete.
Card Worth - Every 100 cards that you obtain.
Pokemon Collected - Every time you move up on the Trainer List.
Pokemon Level Up - Everytime you level your Pokemon above level 1
You will need to refresh for multiple level ups/trade card completions of the same type.

Trade Card #: wigglytuff03_08, alakazam01_02

Level #: hitmonchan01_09, cubone02_06, starmie01_09

(Level Name): gloom03_02, kadabra03_03, moltres01_09

(Pokemon) Level #: blastoise03_02, gengar01_07, nidorino01_02

Doubles Exchange

Regular - Pokemon (non Legend/Mega/Primal), Trainers, and Gym Leaders.
Medium - Elite 4, Other, Artwork, Holiday, and Events
Special - Champions, Legendary, Mega, and Primal Pokemon
You will need to refresh the page if you are exchanging more than what is shown.

Doubles Exchange Regular: froakie02_01, grimer01_06, onix01_01

Doubles Exchange Medium: redversion09, eu2dsconsoles_08, elitefourlorelei_04

Doubles Exchange Special: mewtwo02_06, mew02_04, furret01_06